The Khlor Gen System consists of 11 parts. The system is designed for easy transportation and easy use. The system is also a “Green” product! Completely ran by solar power.

Pure Water for All Foundation offers simple, affordable chlorine generators that are both portable and permanent depending upon the needs.

The purpose of Hays Pure Water for All Foundation is to save lives by making drinking water safe and to create a better quality of life by treating water supplies all around the world.

“Whatever the need, we want to reach the people of this world who suffer from various sicknesses and diseases due to water that can be treated to secure a better quality of life.”

Recent Posts

Pakistan Mothers have PURE WATER

  The following testimonies from Pakistan are from Augustine Joseph and Disciple Union.  Frontier Harvest Ministries recently gave Disciple Union 10 Hays chlorine generators, car batteries, [more]

More Orphans served PURE WATER

  Greeting in our Lord's name. Thanks for sending 10 Hays generators through Rev Daniel Kim SungMoon.  It is my pleasure to inform you that I made [more]

Souther Sudan asks for 90 more Klor Gen 3000's!

Please see this wonderful report of 75 previous Klor Gen 3000 installed!  GENERAL LIST OF FOCAL PERSONS FOR BENEFICIARIES OF CHLORINE UNITS GIVEN TO RETURNEES [more]

Cuba needs 80 more Klor Gen 3000's!

I have just returned from Cuba serving alongside Pastor Chuck King. Please read his report below: 2013 January Cuba Mission On January 11th, John Hays (the inventor [more]

Airplane Pilot to take Klor Gen systems to Haiti

Scott Brallier pilot for Wings for the Word says he will go to Haiti with 40 Klor Gen 3000 system on February 4, 2013. People are [more]

Waco Community School students give

F Mrs Melissa Kissell's forth grade students gave 378 people clean water for life!  They chose not to exchange Christmas gifts but instead donate water to [more]

Students from Iowa Weslian College donate

Students from Iowa Weslian College, Mt Pleasant, Iowa donated money to help those with water needs in Haiti. They collected pop cans, recycled them and [more]

Steven Reports 5 Chlorine Systems have arrived

Steven is in a very difficult problem distributing pure clean drinking water to the oppressed. He had one Klor Gen system but he could not [more]

Great report of pure water in Rwanda

Please enjoy the short report below from Kigali, Rwanda where plastic biosand and Hays generator projects continue. The filters project and hays generators all going fine. [more]

Uganda Using Chlorine Generation

PresAID Uganda Project Report! Date: 13/10/2012 Partner: Pure Water For All Foundation Location: Nakabugo Country: Uganda Team Leader: Nixon Abangira James (Engineer) Project Sponsors: Pure Water For All Foundation In [more]